• Innovative engineering solutions for compelling achitecture

  • Engineering expertise in residential, commercial, adaptive reuse and alternate materials

  • Collaborative design support for coordinated drawings

  • Design oriented and conscious of architectural intent

  • Creative, thoughtful and experienced problem solving



Fort Structures was founded in 2016 with a drive to provide unique and personalized structural engineering alongside an exceptional customer experience.  The foundation of our service is simple: couple open communication with expert engineering to build awesome projects and enhance great architectural design.  Our brand of collaboration comes with in-depth attention to detail; we’re actively invested in each client and every project.

Our engineers at Fort brings a wealth of technical expertise, both in various building materials and engineering mechanics, to the drafting table. We’re well equipped to take on anything from residential renovations to large-scale commercial design. Regardless of the type of project, our creative and collaborative mindset is there, striving to engineer the best possible product for our clients.



We specialize in Building Information Modeling (BIM) to enable better collaboration and efficiency in design.   3D structural models allow for enhanced design integration between all disciplines and help to identify any coordination issues before construction. 

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